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Signing in and out
  • To sign in, click the     SIGN IN TO MEMBER PROFILE    button at the top of most of our webpages.
  • To sign out, simply close your browser window. To sign out manually, the   MEMBER PROFILE   button has a logout option.
Trouble signing in?
  • You must be a member in the first place! If you're not yet a paid-up member, click the  JOIN   button and follow the instructions. If you're trying to renew a lapsed membership, you may have been removed from the membership database - if you suspect that's the problem, please join as a new member.
  • When signing in, you need to type in the exact same email address that we have on the database. For example, suppose you registered your LCER account with the email labourmember@gmail.com. Suppose you also own the email address labourmember@googlemail.com, and you've set them up to come into the same inbox. You still won't be able to sign in to your LCER account with the second email.
  • If you can't seem to get your password right, it could be that you never set one up when you joined. Either way, please click the "forgot password" link to set a new password.
Trouble re-setting your password?
  • Reset your password by following the   MEMBER PROFILE   button and clicking "forgot password".
  • Enter the email address to which your LCER account is registered. You'll be emailed a link to reset your password.
  • Normally, the email reset link comes into your inbox quickly, but if you don't see it, please look for it in your spam or junk-mail folder.
  • If this doesn't work, please email us at lcer@labourcampaignforelectoralreform.org.uk - we'll give you a call back, and we're happy to report that there's never yet been a problem we couldn't fix.
Amending your personal details
Don't forget to tell us if you move house, or if your other details change. Simply sign into your member profile via the red button at the top of this page. After signing in you'll see a screen which enables you to change your details.
Renewing your membership
If you've paid an annual subscription, you'll receive an automated email telling you when it's time to renew, and directing you to our membership renewals page for instructions on how to proceed. Monthly memberships don't need renewing, but you will need to update your details if your payment card expires.
Updating your payment card details
If you have a monthly recurring subscription, it's easy to change the credit or debit card you use to pay your subs. Simply sign in to your member profile, and a little way down your profile page you'll see the last 4 digits of your existing payment card, plus an invitation to "Change credit card" (it works for debit cards too). Follow the link, fill in the information about your new card, and you're done. More information here.
Please remember to update your card details:
  • If your existing card is due to expire (you'll receive an automated email reminder when you need to do this)
  • If your card is replaced for any other reason (for example, because it has been lost, damaged or stolen).
Failed card payments
It's much easier to update your card details before your monthly payment fails. If you forget and your payment does fail, the process is slightly different - please go to this page.
    Managing your email subscriptions
    We send out approximately one member email per month. At busy times (for example, if we're working up to Party Conference), you may receive more - but please be assured, we will not be flooding your inbox with lots of emails. In addition, we never give out our members' emails to third parties.
    If you don't hear from us within a month or two of joining, you should start suspecting that our emails are falling foul of your spam filter. The easiest way to fix this is to add lcer@labourcampaignforelectoralreform.org.uk to your email contact list.

    A few of our members are so busy that they need to unsubscribe from our mailings. To do this, you can click the unsubscribe link in the footer of any of our emailsIf you do unsubscribe, you will still receive a few emails from us - we'll send you a reminder if your membership is due for renewal, and we're obliged by our Constitution to invite members to our general meetings.
    Want to leave LCER?
    We totally hope you won't want to leave LCER! We hope all our members will stay the course with us until we've secured a fair voting system for the UK.
    If you do feel you need to take some time out, we won't stand in your way. However, our online system isn't very good at handling requests to terminate membership before it comes up for renewal. If you feel you need to leave with immediate effect, please email lcer@labourcampaignforelectoralreform.org.uk, and we'll deal with it straight away.
    Please note, if you resign from the Labour Party you don't need to resign from LCER, as we allow Labour voters as well as Labour members to join. However, if you join a different political party, or start supporting or campaigning for another party, you are no longer eligible for LCER membership and should let us know as soon as possible.


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